Be ahead of the Hackers

Identify vulnerabilities before they’re exploited

Conducting intrusion checks is an important part of keeping your business safe from the latest attacks, protecting your valuable assets, and making sure you are as secure as you can protect yourself from malicious characters.

Designed to mimic real-life online attacks, and by certified ethics criminals, login testing involves a full-scale attack on your network to test the efficiency of your systems. Also called ‘moral robbery’, in your basic test, entry proves that your infrastructure risk is real and determines whether a dangerous character can pass.

Login testing from UKFast checks:

  • Website security
  • Your safety
  • infrastructure or hosting solution
  • Web and mobile apps
  • VPNs and Wi-Fi networks
  • Embedded devices (IoT)
  • Industrial control systems

Call us today and find out how an intrusion can help you identify risks and protect your business, before attackers have time to take action.

What We Do.

Identify weaknesses

By checking in, our certified ethics criminals attack your system just like a real cyber criminal, so you can see the weak points in your system that the attacker can target.

Mitigate attacks

Once the danger has been identified with an entry test, you can begin to strengthen your security and prevent the attackers from using these weak points to make an attack.

Manage risk

Appearance is the key. Knowing your network and how secure it is throughout your infrastructure enables you to identify and manage risks with an effective online security strategy.

Validate measures

Entry testing allows you to find out how effective your current security measures are and what areas need strong protection to reduce the risk of attack.

Optimise investment

Knowing what security measures are in place and areas that need protection, you can create a clear strategy for investing in security services and products.

Protect your reputation

Checking the infiltration of your infrastructure means you are able to avoid the consequences of cyber attacks and build trust and confidence in customers.

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Our ethical hacking experts have unparalleled experience in protecting businesses of all sizes across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America.


We get to know your fears, your challenges and your business goals. You will be in safe hands all the way, with accredited counselors and real experience to ensure your lasting peace of mind.


Our dedicated team is there to support you during the testing process and beyond. With UKFast’s unique pod system, you can access your dedicated engineers within three rings, every time you make a call.