Encryption Solutions

Encryption at Rest – Protect your data with encryption at rest from SDTechnologist

In modern organizations, it is a matter of when your business will be targeted for cybercrime. Using a secret code to resolve your data, encryption at rest ensures that your information will not be read by anyone who does not have the encryption key – which provides an extra layer of security for your important business data and protects you from abuse of data breaches or cyber attacks.

Feel end-to-end protection, support compliance requirements and gain peace of mind with SDTechnologist encryption solutions, backed by night and nailed backups as standard.

Hassle-free security management

VM encryption

Encrypt non-clustered virtual machines.

  • Utilises VMWare VM Encryption
  • Secure KMS with HyTrust Key Control
  • Set up instantly within MyUKFast dashboard
  • Available with eCloud and FastDesk solutions
Cluster encryption

Encrypt clustered disks on virtual machines.

  • Utilises HyTrust Data Control
  • Fully support SQL clustering
  • Manual setup by UKFast engineers
  • Available with eCloud and FastDesk solutions

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