Managed Firewall Protection

What is Managed Firewall Protection?

We take your protection very . So, as an SDTechnologist customer your solution stays behind the managed Cisco ASA firewall. For added control and security you may want to consider a dedicated firewall, or a non-dedicated firewall to protect your critical business infrastructure.

The firewall provides an important feature of the hosting solution, as unprotected servers are vulnerable to cyber attacks, leading to end or data loss. A firewall is a system that protects, in effect, between your network and the Internet, preventing unauthorized use and access to your network. Its function is to analyze the data coming in and out of the network based on your configuration. Playing an important role in your network, the firewall provides a protective barrier to many types of attacks from the outside world.

Your Firewall Options

Redundant Firewall Protection

Your first layer of protection against hackers, virus attacks and other threats is the Cisco ASA fully integrated firewall that sits in the background, which means all server traffic is checked and filtered before it reaches your hosting network. And because we know how important security is in your business, we put your solution behind Cisco ASA’s fully-fledged redundant protection system, as usual.

Dedicated Firewall Protection

If you want more level of control and security, a dedicated Cisco ASA firewall might be a good option. Dedicated firewall allows you to create custom firewall rules and VPN connections and you don’t have to worry about the activities of your firewall sharing. Since a dedicated firewall is your only solution, it gives you complete access control – both and , down to each server within it, thus providing extra security.

Dedicated Redundant Firewall Protection

For critical business infrastructure and low-cost environments, the inactive Cisco firewall is a very robust solution.

To ensure largest availability of your security infrastructure with unwanted failover protection, so in the event that the main ASA fails, the second one starts operating without any downtime. This solution supports two failover configurations – Active / active Failover and Active / standby Failover; with each configuration it has its own way of deciding and making a mistake. With Active / Active failover, both units can bypass network traffic, allowing you to configure load balances on your network. With Active / Standby failure, only one unit passes traffic while the other unit waits in standby mode.

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