Web Application Firewall

Protecting your critical data and applications

Protecting your data and applications is more important than ever. As businesses maintain an ever-increasing volume of user data, it identifies the most lucrative target for cybercrime. The web application firewall (WAF) is designed to ensure that your data and applications are protected by preventing suspicious activity, providing complete protection for sensitive applications.

With a SDTechnologist WAF you’ll benefit from:

Protect yourself from attack layer application (layer 7).

Internal traffic monitoring and report production, indicating the level of suspicious traffic directed to your site

Protect from all incoming and outgoing traffic, across all web applications, by checking traffic on both directions to ensure that your database does not contain any information that should not be released.

support from a dedicated team of experts

Reducing financial risk and reputation, ensuring that your business provides a high level of security to your customers

A special team of security professionals who oversee your WAF and identify new rules to better protect your application

What is a Web Application Firewall?

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is designed to protect your data from hackers as they try to exploit vulnerabilities in your application code.

These targeted attacks are hidden as real applications made on forms on your site – in a normal firewall or Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention System will appear to be real and so allow them to continue; which makes them unable to check this attack or unable to provide complete protection.

WAFs are designed to protect the application layer to prevent fraud or data theft; to prevent any suspicious activity. It scans all web applications for cross-site scripting, SQL injection, traffic and other 400+ types of attacks, this protective layer aims to keep your data safe.

Technical Overview

Sitting on the application layer your WAF scans all HTTP requests / conversations that come into your web server – and uses a set of set rules to filter out illegal traffic.

Custom rules sets are maintained by security professionals and are available for a wide range of applications. The new rules can be used to keep pace with new and emerging threats. Our WAF also monitors your actual traffic, creating set rules to ensure that any legitimate traffic is not blocked.

Without changes to your existing settings and more layer or protection, WAF ensures that your site provides the highest security for your clients and allows you to follow PCI 6.6.

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